The Constable's Office for the 8th Ward of Tangipahoa Parish serves the people of Robert and Bedico.  The Constable's Office has two primary functions and also provides additional law enforcement and community services to the 8th Ward.  

The primary functions include service and enforcement of the orders of the Justice Court for the 8th Ward and enforcement of litter violations. The Tangipahoa Parish Council has also passed nuisance ordinances that the Constable is responsible for enforcing in cooperation with other parish agencies.   

In addition to the primary functions the Constable's Office also provides traffic enforcement, animal control, keeping the peace, and assisting the residents of Robert and Bedico with a variety of issues.

To reach the Constable's Office please go to the "Contact Constable Marshall" tab or call (985) 467-9125. 

To learn more about Constable Don Marshall you can visit his website at www.Marshall4Constable.com