The Future is Bright

The Future is Bright

The 2015 elections are over.  Our state and our Parish will be ushering in new era this January with a new Governor, Lt. Governor, State Attorney General, Tangipahoa Parish President, and several new parish councilman.


Louisiana’s Governor elect, John Bel Edwards, has pledged to work across party lines to correct the endemic budget problems our state has suffered through over the past several years.  Correcting these problems must be the top priority in order for our economy to grow, to strengthen higher education, and improve health care in our great state. Tangipahoa residents should be proud that Governor elect Edwards is a Tangi native.  We should follow Governor elect John Bel Edwards lead and pledge to work with him to help solve our states problems, while remembering we can all work together without betraying our convictions and beliefs.



The State also elected Jeff Landry to leader the Office of the State Attorney General.  Attorney General elect Jeff Landry is a much needed change in the Attorney General’s office.  I am proud to have supported Jeff Landry’s campaign for Attorney General and I am excited about the future of the Attorney General’s Office under his leadership.   The State Attorney General is a vital part of our states legal system; it plays a vital role in training and advice for the Justice of Peace Court system throughout the state.


In January we will also usher in a new era for Tangipahoa Parish with the swearing in of Robby Miller as our new parish president.  Robby will be the 2nd parish president in the history of our parish, replacing Parish President Gordon Burgess.  Mr. Burgess is retiring after more than 30 years as our parish president.  Mr. Burgess has continuously moved our parish forward, while also keeping our parish finances sound.  I am certain Robby will continue to move our parish forward, using his expertise in information technologies to “KEEP TANGI MOVING INTO THE FUTURE”!


Congratulations to all of the elections winners and thank you to all of the candidates and their families that sacrificed so much for the opportunity to serve the people.  


Warm Regards,

Don Marshall


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