Last year Constable Marshall issued over thirty litter violations.   Many of these litter violations were for placing illegal signs on the public roadways.  These “Snipe” signs are considered litter.  When these signs are left on the public roadways they often times end up in drainage ditches and contribute to flooding and causing environmental damage when they eventually end up in our estuaries.


This year Constable Marshall continues to conduct litter enforcement patrols. The recent floods that affected many residents of Robert and Bedico washed large amounts of litter out of wooded areas and into the drainage ditches and estuaries.  In addition, several construction companies and contractors have placed signage throughout the 8th Ward in hopes of gaining business from homeowners of flood damaged homes. Constable Marshall has been active in removing the illegal signage and issuing the appropriate violations. Constable Marshall has issued over thirty litter violations this year.   


While attempting to locate these businesses Constable Marshall identified a contractor, “Complete Mold Solutions” “Complete Sheetrock solutions” who is not listed in the LA Secretary of State’s business database or listed as licensed with the LA state Board of Contractors.  Constable Marshall, along with the LA State Board of Contractors Investigations Division was able to serve the owner of the company with the appropriate litter violations and a notice to appear before the LA Contractors Board for a previous complaint.  


Please ensure that anyone you decide to have perform work on your home or business is properly licensed and insured.  Do not be afraid to ask for their licenses and insurance documents; businesses that are operating legally and do quality work will appreciate you asking.  If you are unsure of the authenticity of the licenses, then contact the licensing agency to verify the validity.


Warm Regards,

Don Marshall


8th Ward Constable’s Office

Tangipahoa Parish

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