Parish Litter Survey

Parish Litter Survey

Tony Licciardi, a local Ph.D. student at UNO, recently conducted a survey of Tangipahoa Parish voters concerning litter in the parish. The survey was conducted on May 16th & 17th.  The results of the poll indicate that 26% of the voters parish wide believe there is a litter problem in Tangipahoa. However, in the 8th Ward the percentage was 18, 8 points below the parish as a whole.   Voters parish wide overwhelmingly believe that there needs to be strict enforcement of our litter laws. 

I am proud that these results indicate the 8th ward of Tangipahoa Parish is one of the cleanest wards in the parish. As your Constable I will continue to work hard to keep the 8th Ward of Tangipahoa Parish the cleanest part of Tangipahoa Parish. 

The parish council is currently working very hard to update our litter ordinances in order to further improve litter enforcement, litter abatement, and litter education programs. 



The 8th Justice Court of Tangipahoa Parish has held several litter enforcement campaigns since January 2015 issuing more than 50 violations.   The next court date for the 8th Justice Court of Tangipahoa Parish will hear litter violations on August 13, 2016 at 9:30am. 

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