November 21st runoff election

November 21st runoff election

November is here.  I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.  The year is almost over and as it approaches here in Tangipahoa Parish the time to determine our future for both our parish and our state is quickly approaching.   On November 21st we will elect a new Governor that will have the responsibility of leading us out of the disastrous financial straits that Gov. Jindal has left us in.  We will also be choosing a new parish president for the first time in 30 years. 

The new parish president will have the daunting task of continuing to lead our parish with the “pay as you go” system that Parish President Burgess implemented.  Both candidates have promised to continue the “pay as you go” system.  Our parish is one of the fastest growing parishes in the state and Robert and Bedico is the fastest growing part of our parish.  We need an innovative leader who has the requisite knowledge and desire to balance our growth and our desire to maintain our rural way of life.   We need a parish president that understands technology and how to best use it to improve our parish’s effectiveness and efficiency.   We need a parish president that will use technology to bring jobs and new business to Tangipahoa.  Our parish is strategically located equally between Baton Rouge and New Orleans to provide businesses with equal access to both markets.  While we are not totally unaffected by the hurricane season, unlike the parishes on the I-10 corridor between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Tangipahoa is far enough north to avoid many of those perils for the smaller hurricane season threats.  We need a parish president that has the ability, desire, drive, and discipline to lead Tangipahoa Parish to the future we so richly deserve!

It is my strong belief that Robby Miller has ALL of these attributes.  Robby, like me has made Tangipahoa his home.  Robby Chose Tangipahoa as his home for his family’s future, Tangipahoa should chose Robby as our New Parish President for all of our family’s future.


Please vote on November 21st.  ALL of our futures depend on it!  YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE!


Don Marshall


8th Justice Court of Tangipahoa Parish

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