LA 22 & CC Traffic Light

LA 22 & CC Traffic Light

As many of you are aware there was a serious crash this morning on LA Hwy 22 and CC Road. A local resident contacted me immediately after it occurred. I contacted 911 and  proceeded to the scene to assist first responders in any way they needed.   Unfortunately, vehicle crashes are incidents that occur dozens of times every day across our state and in our parish.  However, there seems to be an increase in the frequency of crashes at these two locations and while the goal is to be crash free the reality is that crashes will occur; with that said I have begun the process to acquire the data and compile it in a manner that will hopefully support all of opinions that a traffic light or other traffic control measure is needed at least at one of these intersections for the safety of all of the motorist who travel the area.  
Simply asking the state for a traffic light unfortunately is not enough to justify one.  While I agree a traffic light is needed, we must be able to demonstrate with data  there is a need.   I have begun to contact the local and state agencies that maintain data.  After collecting the data and eliminating duplicate data we will be in a better position to request LA DOT make some safety changes to the area in order to reduce the number of crashes at these two intersections.    As it stands one of those sources, the LA DOT, records indicate there have been a total of two crashes since January 1, 2015 and June 27, 2016.   Naturally, I question the accuracy of this data; however, the LA DOT only has data that is reported to them. Unfortunately, if the data is accurate it will be nearly impossible to justify the installation of a traffic light at the location.  With that said,  I am continuing to contact other agencies that keep crash data for those intersections in hopes of strengthening our position that  a traffic light is needed in the area to significantly improve highway safety in Bedico. 

I would like to take a moment to extend my prayers to the individuals involved in the crash today.   In addition,  I would like to remind everyone that it up to each and everyone us on the roadways to drive with caution and patience; where ever we are going and no matter how important the destination; the most important part of every trip is arriving safe!   

Warm regards,
Don Marshall
8th Justice Court
Tangipahoa Parish 

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  • Don Marshall
    commented 2016-06-30 12:40:17 -0500
    Mr. Carter,
    Thank you for your comments. I always appreciate and consider everyone’s opinion.

    I agree that the LA DOT data is very likely in accurate. I have seen several crashes in that area as well. However, we must be able to prove with a reasonable degree of certainty the data is flawed. I am in the process of attempting to gather that data.

    Your observations about the additions of the neighborhoods are a major factor in the increase of traffic. Development of the area is likely going to continue and may even increase in the future, which is why I am working on this and several other issues to help advocate for smart growth of the area.

    I am in the area on a daily basis as a resident of the area living off of CC Rd.

    Again, thank you for your concern, comments, and participation in our community.

    Don Marshall
  • James Carter
    commented 2016-06-30 12:11:47 -0500
    The issue isn’t primarily CC Road and LA22, but the addition of two subdivisions with entry onto LA22 across from each other just 200 yards away (one is mine, Villages at Bocage, not sure of the name of the other). I’ve seen what appears to be a camera mounted on the South side of LA22 between the two intersections, which I assumed was to monitor the traffic for data which might support adding a light, so it surprises me to hear you say there is only the data of 2 accidents. I have personally seen more than that! Anyone watching peak traffic flow around those two intersections will see that it is so congested that people takes risks to pull out into traffic because of the long wait to enter/exit LA22. Many times people attempt passing near the subdivisions without realizing there are people entering from 3 directions (no intersection signs for the subdivisions). I would suggest you personally visit the area between 7-9am or 3-6pm and then tell me there is no urgency for some kind of traffic control there.