Constable's Blog: The 2015 Elections

Constable's Blog: The 2015 Elections

The 2015 election season is coming to an end.  Early voting ended yesterday, for those of you who voted early, I would like to say thank you for casting your ballot for the direction of the future of our state and our parish.  For those who did not vote early, you can still vote this Saturday. 

This Saturday we will be voting for a new Governor for the first time in eight years and a new parish president for the first time since our parish adopted the Council-President form of government.  In addition to the Governor’s election and the Parish President’s election there are several other public offices up for grabs, none more important than whom we chose to lead our public school systems on the BESE. 

I have studied the candidates in most of the races and casted my vote for my choices on the first day of early voting.

For Governor I am supporting Senator David Vitter.  He is the best man for the job at hand. David has the will and backbone to do what is right to lead Louisiana into the future by first tackling a budget crisis that requires difficult choices.

For Sheriff of Tangipahoa Parish, I am supporting Sheriff Daniel Edwards.   Sheriff Edwards has done a remarkable job as Sheriff.  The Sheriff has an enormous responsibility in providing a police force to patrol all of the parish and maintain a constitutional jail and this has to be done with fewer financial resources than our neighbors.  Yet, Sheriff Edwards has been able to be successful doing this.  Sheriff Edwards has earned my respect, my vote, and my full support. 

For Parish Council I am supporting the re-election of Councilman Greg Varnado.  Councilman Varnado has been an outstanding Councilman for District 2.  The southeast part of Tangipahoa Parish is the fastest growing part of Tangipahoa.  Councilman Varnado’s experience on the council and his professional experience as a builder uniquely qualifies Councilman Varnado in a way that is essential to continued growth in a way that protects our quality of life while not stopping our growth.  

For BESE I was proud to vote for Etta Licciardi.  Dr. Licciardi has spent a majority of her life educating and standing up for our children.   Dr. Licciardi spent years in the classroom followed by serving on the Jefferson Parish school board in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.   Dr. Licciardi has also served on numerous educational boards and commissions to improve education in Louisiana.  Our state educational system is at a crossroads, will we blindly follow others or will Louisiana fight to lead; not for the benefit of business but for the benefit of the future of our children.  As a father of two small children I am confident that Dr. Etta Licciardi is the only choice for BESE. 

I hope you will consider these remarks when making your decision on whom to vote for. However, the most important thing to do is #VOTE.  Next to serving in the military to protect our right to vote the most important civic duty we each have is to #VOTE!  Please honor our Founding Fathers who knew the importance of voting, honor all of those who have served in the military to protect our right to vote.  PLEASE #VOTE this Saturday!


Warm Regards,

Don Marshall


Tangipahoa Parish 8th Justice Court 

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