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The Future is Bright

The 2015 elections are over.  Our state and our Parish will be ushering in new era this January with a new Governor, Lt. Governor, State Attorney General, Tangipahoa Parish President, and several new parish councilman.


Louisiana’s Governor elect, John Bel Edwards, has pledged to work across party lines to correct the endemic budget problems our state has suffered through over the past several years.  Correcting these problems must be the top priority in order for our economy to grow, to strengthen higher education, and improve health care in our great state. Tangipahoa residents should be proud that Governor elect Edwards is a Tangi native.  We should follow Governor elect John Bel Edwards lead and pledge to work with him to help solve our states problems, while remembering we can all work together without betraying our convictions and beliefs.



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Early Voting starts today

Early voting starts today, November 7th and continues until November 14th.  Early voting will not be open on Sunday or Veterans Day.  Early voting locations in Tangipahoa Parish are at the registrar of voters offices located at the Amite courthouse and at the Tangipahoa Parish government complex on Club Drive in Hammond.

I am proud to join the State Republican Party in  supporting the following candidates that will move Tangipahoa and Louisiana into the future. 

Governor - David Vitter

Lt. Governor - Billy Nungesser

Attorney General - Jeff Landry

I am also proud to support  Robby Miller for Tangipahoa Parish President and Katy Edmonston for BESE District 6

Warm Regards,

Don Marshall


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November 21st runoff election

November is here.  I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.  The year is almost over and as it approaches here in Tangipahoa Parish the time to determine our future for both our parish and our state is quickly approaching.   On November 21st we will elect a new Governor that will have the responsibility of leading us out of the disastrous financial straits that Gov. Jindal has left us in.  We will also be choosing a new parish president for the first time in 30 years. 

The new parish president will have the daunting task of continuing to lead our parish with the “pay as you go” system that Parish President Burgess implemented.  Both candidates have promised to continue the “pay as you go” system.  Our parish is one of the fastest growing parishes in the state and Robert and Bedico is the fastest growing part of our parish.  We need an innovative leader who has the requisite knowledge and desire to balance our growth and our desire to maintain our rural way of life.   We need a parish president that understands technology and how to best use it to improve our parish’s effectiveness and efficiency.   We need a parish president that will use technology to bring jobs and new business to Tangipahoa.  Our parish is strategically located equally between Baton Rouge and New Orleans to provide businesses with equal access to both markets.  While we are not totally unaffected by the hurricane season, unlike the parishes on the I-10 corridor between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Tangipahoa is far enough north to avoid many of those perils for the smaller hurricane season threats.  We need a parish president that has the ability, desire, drive, and discipline to lead Tangipahoa Parish to the future we so richly deserve!

It is my strong belief that Robby Miller has ALL of these attributes.  Robby, like me has made Tangipahoa his home.  Robby Chose Tangipahoa as his home for his family’s future, Tangipahoa should chose Robby as our New Parish President for all of our family’s future.


Please vote on November 21st.  ALL of our futures depend on it!  YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE!


Don Marshall


8th Justice Court of Tangipahoa Parish


I have spoken with the Tangipahoa Parish President’s office and Council President David Vial, both of whom have confirmed that the official TRICK OR TREATING for unincorporated areas of Tangipahoa Parish is Saturday.

The City of Ponchatoula has moved their official Trick or Treating from Saturday to Friday. 


Warm Regards,

Don Marshall


8th Justice Court of Tangipahoa Parish

Bedico Water Well UPDATE

During the last Water District Board meeting, Charles Schlicher district system specialist,  announced the district has 18,502 customers, an increase of about 65 customers in a month. He said the increase is likely because of the extension of water lines in the Loranger area, as well as new subdivisions in the parish.

The board heard an update on the ongoing issue of manganese in the Bedico well that has caused water to look brown. Sand from an unknown source has built up at the bottom of the well.

Layne Christensen and Griner Drilling, well drilling contractors, are looking for the source of the manganese and sand, Anderson said. They hope to make recommendations by the board’s next meeting on Nov. 2.

Previously, the board agreed to install a filter for the well to get rid of the chemical that water officials say is not harmful, but Clark said earlier the filter’s installation would have to wait until spring.

Anderson said the well is offline during the investigation and the Bedico area tank is being fed by nearby wells.


A Lifelong educator and former school board member Dr. Etta Licciardi has qualified for the District 6 representative for the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

     “As a lifelong educator and former elected school board member, a parent, and grandparent, I feel running for BESE in District 6 gives me the distinct opportunity to serve the students, faculty and community members,” said Dr. Licciardi.

     Dr. Licciardi served for ten years on the Jefferson Parish School Board before moving to Loranger with her husband Anthony.

     In addition to serving on the school board, Dr. Licciardi was an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Education Program at the University of New Orleans. Prior to her being elected to the school board, she was a classroom teacher, school based administrator and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.

    “Members of the educational community have strived to improve outcomes for our students,” said Dr. Licciardi. “There have been improved outcomes in our state; however, much still must be done to sustain a fair and equitable process for all parties.”

     Dr. Licciardi received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership from the University of New Orleans. She received her Master’s Degree in Education for Administration and Supervision from Loyola University and her Bachelors of Science Degree in English and Speech from Our Lady of Holy Cross College.

   “With Common Core, we are in an era of uncertainty for our teachers, our students, our parents and administrators,” said Dr. Licciardi. “As a member of BESE I will work with all parties to devise a solution that is fair and equitable while maintaining a goal of educational excellence.”

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Litter Enforcement

The Tangipahoa Parish 8th Justice Court Constable's Office will begin a targeted litter enforcement campaign on Monday October 26, 2015.   The Constable's office will target "Snipe signs", but will also be issuing litter violations to anyone violates the state or parish litter laws.    There will be a ZERO TOLERANCE for snipe sign violations.  The Constable will issue litter citations for all violations. 

Please help keep Tangipahoa Parish Clean.  


Best Regards, 

Don Marshall


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Constable's Blog: The 2015 Elections

The 2015 election season is coming to an end.  Early voting ended yesterday, for those of you who voted early, I would like to say thank you for casting your ballot for the direction of the future of our state and our parish.  For those who did not vote early, you can still vote this Saturday. 

This Saturday we will be voting for a new Governor for the first time in eight years and a new parish president for the first time since our parish adopted the Council-President form of government.  In addition to the Governor’s election and the Parish President’s election there are several other public offices up for grabs, none more important than whom we chose to lead our public school systems on the BESE. 

I have studied the candidates in most of the races and casted my vote for my choices on the first day of early voting.

For Governor I am supporting Senator David Vitter.  He is the best man for the job at hand. David has the will and backbone to do what is right to lead Louisiana into the future by first tackling a budget crisis that requires difficult choices.

For Sheriff of Tangipahoa Parish, I am supporting Sheriff Daniel Edwards.   Sheriff Edwards has done a remarkable job as Sheriff.  The Sheriff has an enormous responsibility in providing a police force to patrol all of the parish and maintain a constitutional jail and this has to be done with fewer financial resources than our neighbors.  Yet, Sheriff Edwards has been able to be successful doing this.  Sheriff Edwards has earned my respect, my vote, and my full support. 

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