Bedico Water Well UPDATE

Bedico Water Well UPDATE

During the last Water District Board meeting, Charles Schlicher district system specialist,  announced the district has 18,502 customers, an increase of about 65 customers in a month. He said the increase is likely because of the extension of water lines in the Loranger area, as well as new subdivisions in the parish.

The board heard an update on the ongoing issue of manganese in the Bedico well that has caused water to look brown. Sand from an unknown source has built up at the bottom of the well.

Layne Christensen and Griner Drilling, well drilling contractors, are looking for the source of the manganese and sand, Anderson said. They hope to make recommendations by the board’s next meeting on Nov. 2.

Previously, the board agreed to install a filter for the well to get rid of the chemical that water officials say is not harmful, but Clark said earlier the filter’s installation would have to wait until spring.

Anderson said the well is offline during the investigation and the Bedico area tank is being fed by nearby wells.

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