Residents of Bedico,


In the coming days the Bedico water well will be put back on line.  The well has been rehabbed by a contractor. 

The contractor discovered numerous problems, which were corrected. The Tangipahoa Water District believes the water is treatable with phosphates now.

 The mg levels are now down and this should correct the problems. However, if this does not correct the problem, filtration is their last resort.

 The cost thus far for the well rehab, new water lines and investigations is approaching $500,000. The filter cost is approximately $400,000.  The Tangipahoa Water District has assured me they will do what is necessary to reach and maintain good quality water for the residents of Bedico.

 The Tangipahoa Water District has requested that we please promptly report any unsatisfactory conditions to them.   There may be some discoloration but not as it was before according to the Tangipahoa water district.

 I would like to thank Mr. Gary Clark, the Tangipahoa Parish Water district board members, the contractors who worked to correct the issues, and the men and women of the Tangipahoa Water District that have worked so hard to provide us with good quality water.


 Warm Regards,


Don Marshall


8th Justice Court

Tangipahoa Parish

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